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UK Gives OK to Botox® for Migraines

According to the O.C. Register’s In Your Face blog, British drug regulators have recently approved Botox® injections for the treatment of migraine headaches. This is good news for the Botox® manufacturer Allergan, who has just undergone an overhaul in their corporate lineup amidst increasing challenges from competitors.

The British approval of Botox® is a step in the right direction for widespread acceptance of the Irvine-based company to market the drug’s off-label uses.  For years, Allergan has sought out FDA approval for Botox® as a migraine treatment without any luck. The company has been running clinical trials since 2004 for migraine treatment. Allergan is also seeking similar approvals in countries such as Canada, France, and Switzerland.

The British decision came in response to clinical trials performed on more than 1,300 patients.  According to the O. C. Register, the study found that Botox® reduced the frequency of migraines in patients who suffered from headaches an average of 15 days or more a month.  Patients who were treated with Botox® averaged 8.2 few days with migraines a month, while the placebo group experienced 6.2 few migraine days in the six months following the start of the trials.

The British study is very similar to earlier trials performed by Allergan in the U.S. Perhaps more extensive research in the United States, in conjunction with influence from the British decision, will sway the FDA to change it’s mind about the use of Botox® for migraine treatment.  Just think: migraine patients may one day have Botox® covered by their health insurance while having the added benefit of wrinkle-reduction.  Not too shabby, right?

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Vip Dev, M.D.