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Aging and Car Exhaust

In sunny California, cosmetic procedures have a lot to do with fixing aging skin. The more wrinkles we have, the more we worry about how old we appear to others. To combat wrinkles I perform procedures and treatments such as face lifts, Botox and laser skin resurfacing. But have you ever wondered if it’s not just age causing your wrinkles?

Recent studies show that car exhaust and soot is now deemed the third major modifiable factor that causes skin to age early. The top factor is ultraviolet rays, while second place is taken by tobacco smoke. This means that living in a highly populated area could be part of the reason your skin has begun to wrinkle earlier than expected.

It’s been known that soot and car exhaust can be bad for the respiratory system and that it causes minor cognitive failure in the elderly. It even has been linked to type 2 diabetes and is now being studied to see if it is involved in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease. But the fact that it can induce skin aging is yet another strike against industrial areas.

Unless you literally live in the country, it’s hard to avoid excessive car exhaust and soot. But you can contribute to the environment by cutting back on the amount you drive, and walk or ride a bike instead. If you live in a heavily populated industrial area, be sure to take extra care of your skin. And when all else fails, there are treatments to combat those early wrinkles at my California plastic surgery practice.

To your health and beauty,

Dr. Vip Dev, MD


The Tale of Two Fats

Many people aren’t too thrilled with the fat on their bodies. But did you know that having some fat is actually beneficial to your health? In fact, fat stores energy, influences your ability to fight infections, regulates your blood pressure, and affects the way your blood forms clots. However, even though fat has its perks, many health issues can spring up when fat becomes excessive upon the body.

Our bodies store two types of fat: subcutaneous and visceral. Subcutaneous fat is the useless fat that gathers beneath our skin. This type of fat is what my California plastic surgery practice can perform liposuction on. Interestingly enough, aside from a flattering look upon the removal of subcutaneous fat, no health benefits have been found.

It’s the visceral fat that you really have to watch out for. Stored in your abdomen, this is the evil fat that can cause serious health risks such as diabetes, cardiac disease, high cholesterol, and hypertension among other things. Meaning the less visceral fat you have, the better off you are.

However, don’t just think you are off the hook if you have a small belly. MRIs have shown that even people who aren’t obese can harbor large quantities of visceral fat. What could cause this in so many people? Heredity can play a part, causing fat to be more likely stored as visceral fat. But our unhealthy habits are usually the main cause. That extra scoop of ice cream, or even those extra few beers during the game, could be leading you down a road to health issues galore.

So how can we rid ourselves of visceral fat?

The only real way to ditch this unhealthy fat is to diet and exercise regularly. There are some medications available to help maintain weight as well as Bariatric surgery for patients suffering from obesity. There may even be a surgical procedure to remove visceral fat one of these. But until then, your health is ultimately in your hands and no one else’s.

To your health and beauty,

Vip Dev, MD

Thyroid Surgery Doesn’t Have To Be Ugly

A thyroidectomy is not a procedure I do, however, my California plastic surgery practice does see many patients that have undergone the procedure who want to fix their post-op scarring on their necks. In California, laser skin resurfacing is a great way of treating those scars. Interestingly enough, due to the high amount of thyroidectomy patients coming to plastic surgeons afterwards, otolaryngologists are now using a few plastic surgeon techniques to cut back the intensity of thyroidectomy scars.

One of the techniques being used is marking the incision sites while the patient is sitting up. By doing this the incision site falls in a more natural area compared to if the site was marked after the patient was lying down and gravity was pulling at the skin in a different direction. These surgeons are also working on trimming any traumatized skin edges to minimize scarring, as well as using surgical glue instead of sutures to close up. Of course, the main focus is to take care of the thyroid, so you cannot expect an extravagant plastic surgeon touch. Otolaryngologists are not specifically trained in plastic surgery, let alone facial plastic surgery, after all.

I, on the other hand, am a highly regarded facial plastic surgeon. I am highly qualified to work on those scars that you’d love to get rid of. Not only that, I can perform a facelift and get rid of your scars at the same time, giving you an overall better appearance after your thyroidectomy.

To your health and beauty,

Vip Dev, MD

Taxpayers Paid for Boob Jobs, Health Spas, and Viagra!

The European Parliament

Recently, documents have come to light that expose 763 members of the European Parliament and their families as benefitting unduly from their health plan, which apparently reimburses them for procedures like massage, face lifts, breast enhancements, and other “luxury” treatments. In some cases,  taxpayers have foot the entire bill for a Spa Day or Massage! Men whose wives or mothers are part of the European Parliament receive free Viagra for impotence, reportedly as long as the impotence is a direct result of serious injury. The cost of this generous healthcare plan for politicians is almost £3 million, up 36% over last year, at a time when the average European citizen has suffered from cuts in health care due to the financial problems plaguing Europe.

The Practical Guide to the Reimbursement of Medical Expenses is responsible for leaking the information.

In a similar vein, here in the United States, servicemen and women were once able to undergo certain cosmetic procedures in order for military plastic surgeons to build skills necessary to treat patients with more serious problems. That disappeared after CNN did a story that criticized the practice, arguing that taxpayers should not pay for procedures that are purely cosmetic. Military men and women now pay a lower price for cosmetic surgery at military hospitals as a result of CNN’s expose, but no longer receive free treatment for elective procedures.  Military plastic surgeons, however, state that this has greatly diminished the number of procedures performed and as such, has left younger military surgeons with too little experience with healthy patients, making it more difficult for them to learn procedures that would be benefit them when reconstructing faces and bodies that are casualties of war.

What about this? Do you think people in the military should get free cosmetic surgery because (A) they put themselves at risk for us and/or (B) because the military surgeons need to “practice” on healthy patients to enable them to do better work on badly injured veterans? Or do you believe there’s no reason to give away cosmetic work by the military to its own and their reasons are a bit contrived?  Please share your thoughts!

To your health & beauty,

Dr. Vip Dev