Link Between Progeria and Normal Aging

In California, plastic surgery is very popular, especially for people who are beginning to look their age. Treatments such as Botox and laser skin resurfacing can easily help with fine lines, wrinkles and minor signs of aging. A face lift, brow lift, or eyelid surgery will turn back the clock even more so, at least physically. However, aging is still a part of life, something we cannot hide from.

It used to be thought that aging occurred because our cells gradually woer out. However, recent studies suggest otherwise. It seems that aging is actually programmed into our cells. It turns out that the toxic protein progerin, which is made in abundant amounts in children with Progeria, is also found in perfectly healthy human beings. This means the same mechanism that causes children with Progeria to age seven times the normal rate seems to play a role in normal aging as well.

Not only does shed some light on aging in general. This new finding also sheds new light on what causes Progeria. Somehow, in some way, something causes the toxic protein to be made in much larger amounts. It can’t simply be blamed on progerin itself any longer.

These types of discoveries can only help us understand the aging process better. And though we may not be able to fix what your cells are doing on the inside, my California plastic surgery practice can help you look your best as you age.

To your health and beauty,

Vip Dev, MD


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