Finding A Bra That Fits After A Breast Procedure

Finding a bra that fits is hard enough, but finding a well fitted bra after a breast augmentation can easily become a nightmare. Many of my previous patients in my California Plastic Surgery office have cited the same qualms. But now, with a few tips, you can find yourself a sexy and/or lacy bra that fits perfectly. It doesn’t matter what type of breast augmentation you’ve had done, whether it be a breast lift, breast implants, breast reduction, or even breast reconstruction, everyone deserves a comfortable and fitted bra.

The first thing to know what indicates a poorly fitted bra:

  • The bra band rides up your back.
  • You are tightening your straps to lift your breasts.
  • Your breasts don’t stay in the cup when you bend over.
  • The bra bags around the nipple area.

The next thing to remember is that, like jeans, sizes may vary from brand to brand. A Victoria Secret 36B may not be the same as a Lily of France 36B.

Your band size is the next step into finding the perfect bra. Measuring in inches, in the US, wrap a tailor’s measuring tape tightly around your ribcage, making sure it’s directly under your breasts. With that number in hand, add four if it is an even number or five if it’s an odd number, ie. 28 becomes 32 and 29 becomes 34. Luckily enough, your band size will always stay the same number after an augmentation.

So how do you measure your cup size? This time, making sure the measuring tape is horizontally level around your back, measure around the widest part of your breasts. Now simply find your number on the chart below!

Bust Size Minus Band Size (inches) Cup Size
0 to ½ AA cup
½ to 1 A cup
1 to 2½ B cup
2½ to 3½ C cup
3½ to 4½ D cup
4½ to 6 DD (or E cup for some bra makers)
6 to 7 DDD (or F cup for some bra makers)
7 to 8 G cup
8 to 9 GG cup
9 to 10 H cup
10 to 11 HH cup
11 to 12 J cup
12 to 13 JJ cup

Finally, make sure your bra straps fit comfortably. They should never be digging into your shoulders, nor should they be irritating your skin.

Finding the perfect bra can take time, effort, and plenty of trial and error, however, it will be rewarding in the end when you can stop pulling at your too-snug bra or too-loose bra. But don’t forget to take good care of your bra once you find the perfect fit. Using a lingerie bag in the washing machine and line drying will definitely make your bras last longer.

And never forget, bra shopping should always be fun, especially after a breast augmentation!

To your health & beauty,

Vip Dev, MD


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