What’s the real price of international plastic surgery?

In these financially challenging times, it’s only logical that we seek out the best value for our dollar, whether it’s for a box of laundry detergent or a breast augmentation. The difference, of course, is that a box of Cheer is the same box of Cheer whether you pay $3.65 at Albertson’s or $3.52 at Target. It makes perfect sense to purchase it wherever it’s cheaper. Cosmetic surgery is different. The price you pay may or may not reflect the skill and experience of the surgeon you’ve chosen because each cosmetic surgeon has different qualifications, skills and experience.

New York State’s Attorney General recently charged a Manhattan-based Dominican Republic doctor with unauthorized practice of a profession because this surgeon advertised cheap plastic surgery, then examined the patients in Manhattan before they flew to the Dominican Republic for the actual procedure. Evidently, many of his patients developed severe infections and disfigurement. They saved money, but what was the ultimate cost?

You must examine the background of any surgeon you interview about cosmetic surgery, whether they’re based overseas or here in Bakersfield. Cosmetic surgery may be cheaper in another country, but the cost of airfare, hotel, meals and the need to bring a companion can offset those potential savings. Surgical instruments, anesthesia, implants, dressings and all the things that go into a safe surgical environment cost roughly the same for every surgeon, but the skill and experience of the surgeon is what matters most. The difference of even a few thousand dollars is meaningless over time if you’re left with unsightly results or, worse, complications from infection or poorly administered anesthesia.

You can’t put a price tag on your body or your health. Cosmetic surgery isn’t like a box of Cheer or any other commodity. Since you wouldn’t hire an unqualified person to work on your car, why do so with your body?

To your health & beauty,

Dr. Vip Dev


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