What do ribs have to do with a rhinoplasty?

With most rhinoplasty procedures (aka nose job) performed at my Bakersfield plastic surgery office, it’s a matter of realigning the cartilage to create a straighter nose, a shorter nose or a better tip.

However, in some rhinoplasty procedures, like the correction of a low bridge (see photo at left), cartilage made be added, usually from another part of patient’s nose or the ear. But when there isn’t enough cartilage in these areas, or it’s too thin, an experimental technique employing rib cartilage shows a great amount of potential for an alternative with excellent outcomes. When there is severe bony abnormality or a saddle nose deformity, rib material can also be used.


  • Nose deformities from accidents, previous surgeries or genetics
  • Those who consider their nose too big, too wide or too long, who want better proportion
  • Correction of an overly arched or “Roman” nose
  • To help with breathing or snoring
  • To fix a crooked nose or remove a hump in the nose
  • To repair a previous rhinoplasty, called revision rhinoplasty

If you are having trouble breathing through your nose as you age, that can be a sign of a collapsing side wall of the nose. This also can be repaired with a rhinoplasty procedure.

To your health & beauty,

Vip Dev, MD


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