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Whatever happened to Silicone?

Although liquid silicone injections were banned by the FDA is 1992, many unqualified providers will still administer them off-label, with potentially deadly effects. I’m willing to bet that if you asked 5 friends who are “in the know” about cosmetic procedures, that at least 3 of the would not know that silicone was banned. Take a look at Priscilla Presley. That’s how she got that look.

Silicone was used as long ago as the 1950s to augment breasts, and then became very popular in the 1970s and 1980s to fill in wrinkles and enhance lips. However, studies discovered that the injections caused infections and deformities, as well as potentially migrating via the bloodstream and causing blood clots. Just last year, a 43-year old woman died after having black market silicone injections to her thighs and buttocks.

Since silicone is permanent and does not adapt to aging tissue, surgery is required to remove it. Lisa Rinna recently had surgery to improve the appearance of her lips, which were affected by silicone injections administered in the 1980s.

Silicone injections have been replaced by FDA-approved alternatives such as: Botox, fat injections, collagen and Restylane. Most of these treatments last between six months to a year.

So, if anybody asks you about silicone or tells you there’s a great, cheap offer for fillers at Dr. X’s office in Bakersfield, keep in mind, t’ain’t so! And if there IS anybody injecting silicone, don’t get any.

To your health & beauty,

Dr. Dev


Can you have a face lift without a neck lift or vice versa?

Occasionally a patient here in Bakersfield will ask me if I’ll do just their face lift or just their neck lift instead of combining both of them in one surgery. Sometimes they ask this because they think only one area needs rejuvenation, and sometimes they ask because they’re trying to save a little money and plan to have one area treated now and the other treated later.

There are two reasons why face lifts and neck lifts are both done in one procedure:

  • In a neck lift, the neck skin is lifted and redraped behind the ears. While this area is open, I can undermine the cheek area (the SMAS) and lift that as well, all at the same time. Why not do that while I’m already in that neck of the woods (pun intended) instead of doing another procedure later?
  • When just the face or neck is done without the other, there is an obvious visual “disconnect.” The rejuvenated area becomes more pronounced as having had a procedure. Doing the neck and face together creates a more youthful result with the entire area in harmony.

Although I have occasionally done the face without the neck, it’s not my preference for the reasons above. If you’re considering facial rejuvenation, remember, most people “take in” your face and neck all at the same time; ie, it’s seen as one area. You can see from the before/after above, that the neck would look quite obviously older had this patient not had a neck lift along with her face lift.

To your health and beauty,

Vip Dev, MD