Study Proves that Beauty is Bone deep, not Skin deep

Before/After Face Lift

Over the years, face lifts performed by a plastic surgeon in Bakersfield as well as plastic surgeons elsewhere, have focused on three primary tasks:

  • repositioning the muscles of the face,
  • lifting the fad pad of the cheek back to its original position, and
  • redraping the skin to create a youthful appearance.

Fat or dermal fillers are often used to fill out that part of that face needing a bit more substance, such as the temples and the nasolabial folds, the “parentheses” mentioned in the TV ads.

Recently, however, University of Rochester Medical Center researchers, joined by colleagues from Harvard and Stanford, discovered that the gradual erosion of bone over time may contribute to the aging facial appearance. We all know that as we age many of us become shorter. It’s not a stretch to imagine that other bones get smaller, too. These researchers contend, after studying the CT scans of 120 faces, that the facial bones also shrink with age. Apparently, beauty isn’t skin deep—it’s bone deep.

The 120 CT scans were divided by age into three groups: those 20-36, 41-64 and 65 and older. The facial bones were measured in each age group to see if the facial bones of the older individuals’ were smaller. They were.  This research may lead to future face lift procedures that include bone grafts to the jaw or the use of plastic prosthetics to “beef up” the lower face and create the more youthful results.

If you’re noticing bone loss in your face, come in and talk to me about bone restoration as part of your facial rejuvenation procedure.

To your health and beauty,

Dr. Vip Dev


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