Nose Job Without the Knife

Remember when the only way to alter your nose was by going under the knife? Well now patients have the option to choose between rhinoplasty and the use of non-invasive dermal fillers.

The traditional rhinoplasty is great for patients seeking permanent and significant results. Surgery can fix irregularities such as a deviated septum and problems breathing or sleeping. Some patients also undergo rhinoplasty surgery to reduce the size of the nose or its arch.

Dermal fillers—such as Juvederm or Restylane—can be used to fix minor imperfections of the nose. For patients who have asymmetries, bumps or droopy tips, fillers may be a less expensive—however less permanent—fix. Dermal fillers are a great alternative for patients who are uneasy about undergoing surgery or permanently altering their appearance. Fillers can also be used on patients who have already undergone rhinoplasty and would further like to refine their results.

If you are considering having rhinoplasty after having fillers injected into your nose, it is important to inform your plastic surgeon of this. The hyaluronic acid found in dermal fillers takes time to break down, and skin damage can occur if the treated area is operated on.

If you are a Bakersfield resident that is considering rhinoplasty—either invasive or injectable—please contact our offices for a consultation. At the California Institute of Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery, we’ve got a nose for noses.

To Your Health & Beauty,

Vipul R. Dev, M.D.


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