Skin Tightening Advances Made by RF Technology

A new radiofrequency (RF) technology is setting the standard for skin tightening, Cosmetic Surgery Times Reports. The EndyMed PRO, made by EndyMed Medical, is an RF device that uses the company’s 3DEEP technology. EndyMed PRO reportedly offers safer procedures and superior aesthetic results.

The technology focuses RF energy past the epidermis deep into the dermis, causing skin tightening and collagen reproduction. By doing so, wrinkles are reduced and the texture and elasticity of the skin are restored.  The aesthetic long-term effects of 3DEEP are can be seen both superficially and in thermal images of the patient.

“EndyMed PRO is the latest innovation in noninvasive, pain-free, nonablative face- and body-tightening. The 3DEEP technology it uses focuses RF energy deep into the dermis, adjusting its depth and strength according to individual treatment requirements and varying skin impedance, from patient to patient and treatment to treatment, resulting in customized treatments with consistent and predictable outcomes,” says board-certified dermatologist and chief medical officer of EndyMed Medical, Yoram Harth, M.D., F.A.A.D.

Prior to this improved version of RF technology, intense pulse light (IPL) and lasers were used to treat loose skin and wrinkles. Dr. Harth claims that these treatments have minimal affect on the inner dermis, the part of the skin that influences skin tightening the most. RF energy, on the other hand, reaches deep enough into the tissue to successfully rejuvenate the skin.

The difference between 3DEEP and previous RF technologies is the 3DEEP offers a more focused, controlled energy that targets beyond the superficial layers of the skin. Older RF technologies required more power—which culminated in a more painful treatment—to achieve results similar to that of 3DEEP.

Currently, LipoSonix and BodyTite are two liposuction procedures that use RF energy to combine fat reduction with skin tightening.  LipoSonix and BodyTite are both in clinical trial stage and await FDA approval.

To Your Health & Beauty,

Vipul R. Dev, M.D.


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