Cosmetic Surgery Patients Get Older

The face of plastic surgery is getting older. According to the Procedural Data of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS) from 2002 to 2007, the average age of patients seeking invasive cosmetic surgery has increased by two years.

As reported by the AACS, the procedures with the largest increase in age are liposuction, sclerotherapy, facelift and forehead lift. Botox®, the most popular non-invasive treatment, has also experience a two year increase in average patient age.

According to, the aging population and baby boomers may be the driving force behind this trend. Baby boomers, who are 42 to 64 years old, make up approximately 28% of the population. The average age of patients receiving invasive plastic surgery is 42.6 years and non-invasive treatments in 42.4 years.

Perhaps, as the baby boomer generation gets older, the plastic surgery clientele gets older. While younger women may seek liposuction or breast augmentation, the country’s number one non-invasive cosmetic treatment, Botox®, is intended for an older grow to battle the signs of aging.

To Your Health & Beauty,

Vipul R. Dev, M.D.


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