The “C-Tuck”: A Novel, Yet Very Unsafe, Idea

With a slur of celebrity moms dropping their baby weight just weeks after giving birth, there is an immense amount of pressure from the media on average mothers to drop their baby bulge—and fast. Seeing these skinny celeb mommas has started a whirlwind of rumors about something called the “C-Tuck”, or a combined cesarean section and tummy tuck procedure.

While it is hard to find a doctor online willing to admit to performing this procedure, the C-Tuck may be available through OB/GYN offices and individuals who are not licensed medical doctors.  Undergoing an elective procedure like a tummy tuck immediately following childbirth is detrimental to both the mother and the baby’s health due to the amount of anesthesia that would need to be administered. Not only that, a woman’s hormone levels spike and can effect how the skin and tissue respond following the procedure.

The mother also risks a higher rate of infection with a C-Tuck. There are numerous fluids present and cavities exposed following childbirth, so performing an abdominoplasty would leave to mother more vulnerable to bacteria.
If you have had children and are considering a tummy tuck, I recommend that you wait at least nine months after childbirth to undergo the surgery. This allows your body to heal from the pregnancy and for the excess skin to shrink. If you are considering having more children you should wait until you have decided to stop having kids before undergoing an abdominoplasty. Otherwise, the results of your procedure can be completely reversed.

While the C-Tuck idea makes childbirth sound attractive, remember the cosmetic surgery golden rule: If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Abdominoplasty should only be performed by an experienced cosmetic surgeon, not an OB/GYN or otherwise.

To Your Health & Beauty,
Vipul Dev, M.D.


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