Breast Augmentation Safe in Moderation, Not in Excess

Sheyla Hershey (pictured left) is infamous for having the “World’s Largest Breasts” with some help from breast implants. The Texas woman, who is no stranger to plastic surgery, is now facing serious medical complications from her super-sized bosom.

Hershey, who claims to have had more than 30 cosmetic procedures, is currently suffering from a dangerous staph infection in both of her augmented breasts. The infection, which can easily spread to the Brazilian model’s bloodstream, could cost Hershey not only her 38KKK breasts, but also her life.

According to physicians, Hershey’s implants each hold approximately one gallon of silicone, or about 3785cc. The largest silicone implant manufactured in the U.S. is 800cc, less than one quarter of the size of Hershey’s implants. Ethically and legally, implants of such an excessive amount should never have been used, especially not on someone with such a small frame. Hershey was able to have her procedure performed in Brazil, however. Complications are imminent with such a drastic surgery.

Hershey has undergone nine separate breast augmentations that have stretched out her breast pockets each time. Even so, the exorbitant implants are too heavy and too large for the surrounding breast tissue to support. The staph infection is most likely a result of a dehiscence; an opening that occurs when the pressure from the implants causes the incision to open up. Through this opening, bacteria are capable of entering into the breast pocket and even the blood stream.

In addition to dehiscence, women with implants that are too large are more prone to upper back and neck problems, as well as sagging implants. For Bakersfield residents who are considering breast augmentation, you should always choose your health before your beauty. Breast augmentation is a common procedure performed on millions of American every year, however, augmentation is safest when done in moderation.

If a cosmetic surgeon warns against a procedure due to health precautions, this warning should not be taken lightly. In the plastic surgery industry, we are medical doctors first and value your health as our number one priority.

To Your Health, Safety & Beauty,

Dr. Vip Dev


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