Picking a Perfect Pout

While a plump pout is a highly desired trait, patients may be weary of undergoing lip augmentation due to the growing number of overly injected celebrities. We’ve all seen the ‘trout pout’ around Hollywood, where someone has had too much filler in the lips, leaving them with a fish-like face.

While some doctors may have gotten a bit syringe-happy while injecting, there is now a new training method available to help patients and doctors ascertain the perfect shape and size for a lip augmentation.  Dr. Robert Gordon, a Miami Beach cosmetic dentist, created system to help patients achieve their desired pout without over-plumping.

Ideally, the upper lip should be 70% of the size of the bottom lip. At times, physicians may inject and equal amount of dermal filler to both the bottom and top lip, creating the infamous ‘trout pout’. The Vermillion Dollars Lips (VDL) is a classification and training system that was created to ensure that patients are paired with their ideal lip shape and size.

The VDL chart is based on six basic lip styles: the Classic, Rubina, Cupid, Pearlique, Hollywood and Angelic.

The Classic is the most natural looking, while the Rubina is a fuller pout and is meant only for patients whose face matches the specific guidelines. The Cupid is a youthful pout, while the Pearlique, Hollywood and Angelic are all fuller pouts that aren’t overkill.

Cosmetic surgeons may choose a number of different fillers during lip augmentation, including Juvederm ® and Restylane ®. When considering lip augmentation in Bakersfield, make sure that you choose a cosmetic surgeon who has experience using dermal fillers.


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