The Hidden Dangers of Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is one of the most sought after non-invasive skincare treatments in doctor’s offices and medical spas. Microdermabrasion is often marketed safe way to treat acne, scarring, and uneven skin; however, conventional methods could be more harmful than they are helpful.

The popular treatment customarily blasts aluminum oxide crystals to resurface the skin.  Dead skin and aluminum crystals are then vacuumed off the skin. Once touted in the cosmetic industry, the older methods are now being condemned by medical professionals due to the negative effects of the aluminum oxide crystals.
An article by claims that traditional microdermabrasion treatments can have post-treatment reactions that incorporate intense redness, infections, streaking from pressure on the probe, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. When not administered by a trained professional, crystals can scatter into the hair, lashes and ears, which can lead to corneal scratches and abrasions.

Never fear, for there are newer technologies available for microdermabrasion treatments. At the California Institute for Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery, we offer the Dermasweep MD. Unlike conventional microdermabrasion, the Dermasweep does not use crystals and the wand has 9 different brush tips that offer the most flexible and customized treatments for your skin. The treatment can be infused with Vitamin C, Salicylic, Glycolic, and Hyaluronic Acids for maximum effect.

Even though microdermabrasion is classified as a non-surgical procedure, it is important to have your treatment performed under the supervision of highly skilled medical professional. Microdermabrasions in Bakersfield can be performed by licensed aestheticians. More aggressive microdermabrasion procedures, however, should be performed by the physician themselves.


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