Be Careful of the Beds You Frequent

It has been recently reported by CNN that tanning beds are reported to increase a person’s chance of developing skin cancer by three fold.

The repeated warnings to patients that they face a risk of developing skin cancer from tanning haven’t been very effective–people are still laying out in the sun and tanning in the tanning beds.  So. cosmetologists and dermatologists have begun to focus on the other consequence of tanning: wrinkles.  It is a fact that both the sun and tanning beds can increase wrinkles. Teenagers, who choose to sunbathe, might not consider the damage to their skin. However, there is a strong likelihood that those who choose to tan in their teens will have an elevated risk of developing wrinkles before their mid 20s.

Here in Bakersfield, the sun shines bright and hot most of the year. Please do wear sunscreen and cover your eyes with sunglasses, even if you’re just running out for coffee or to get the mail. Skin cancer is no joke and can really disrupt your life.

To your health & wellness,

Vip Dev, MD


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