Beautiful Brides Visiting Beauty Doctors

There’s not a bride around who doesn’t want to look fabulous on her special day. American Medical Association news writer, Victoria Elliot, recently wrote an article about brides who use plastic surgery and aesthetic treatments to look as beautiful as they can on their special day–which, in our experience here at our Bakersfield plastic surgery office, often extends to the moms, grooms, dads and bridal party as well.

According to wedding industry website firm, Local Traffic Builder in River Edge, NY, this is a growing trend. “There’s definitely a lot of self-improvement when brides are planning their weddings” states Local Traffic Builder’s owner Brian Lawrence. “And there is tremendous motivation for a bride to look her best and feel her best.”

The latest wedding industry statistics are from 2008. Those numbers show that about $60 billion is spent per year to cover wedding essentials such as meals, liquor, the band, the photographer and the cake, not to mention the all-important wedding gown. Not surprisingly, weight loss is often part of the pre-wedding preparations as well, with almost $300 million spent in 2008 just for weight loss purposes. Considering these numbers, it’s not that surprising that cosmetic surgery and aesthetic treatments weight in for the big day.

The staff at my Bakersfield plastic surgery practice offer a broad variety of treatments for brides and their families. We can treat acne and acne scarring, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, dry skin, sun damage, rosacea and anything else our brides and their families need to look and feel completely wonderful both before and after the wedding. Not to mention plastic surgery procedures that can be done with a minimum of discomfort and rapid recovery. The wedding cake will be eaten and forgotten and nobody will remember whether you had first or second shelf liquor, but aesthetic enhancements will last long after the event is over. After all, those photos are going to be around for quite a long time–the rest of the couples’ lives.

To your health and beauty,

Dr. Vip Dev


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